Corporate Booking:

Teamwork is vital for a productive, successful and effective workplace, but is an attribute doesn’t always come so naturally in a workplace setting among colleagues with different backgrounds, beliefs and characteristics. Laser tag is a great way to develop a stronger team dynamic by challenging players and improve three core group skills: Teamwork, sportsmanship and communication… But it’s also FUN  and competitive and hey, gives you an opportunity to “shoot” your boss, and after a long week at the office what better way to unwind and have some laughs with your co-workers than a few rounds of laser tag!

 Work/Office Christmas Party:

Unlike many other popular venues around Darwin, Zone 3 is a laid back and friendly atmosphere- perfect to relax and unwind after having a ball playing laser tag! Make a group booking and have our booth or party room reserved for your group. Enjoy a few games from our variety of team and solo games available, and then relax with refreshments available at our kiosk or bring-your-own welcome!

 End of School Year Break Up:

Looking for a fun way to kick off the school holidays? Make a group booking at Zone 3! Each booking comes with a reservation of our booth or party room at no extra charge where you can kick back with your friends, have some food and fun!  Zone 3 also has a Fanta Icy Whirl Slushie machine available in Blueberry and Raspberry, as well as $10 pizza deals!

 Birthday Parties:

Kids love Zone 3 for their birthday parties, and what better way to burn off some of that youthful energy than a game of laser tag! Make a group booking for your child and their friends and have our party booth or room reserved at no extra charge. Cool the kids off with one of our Ice Cold slushies, small sizes are only $2, large for $4!

 Weekend Entertainment:

Want some cheap, clean and active fun for the weekend? Zone 3 has an open session each afternoon/evening all weekend, every weekend! $10 Fridays consist of three hours of UNLIMITED gaming from 6pm to 9pm for just $10 per person, per hour, the perfect deal topped with our $10 pizza deals from Dominos!

Come on down for Saturday night Mega Pass sessions, two hours of UNLIMITED gaming for just $21 per person from 6pm to 8pm! Want to end the weekend on a good note? Our Super Session Sunday’s are the perfect way! From 3pm to 5pm get 2 hours of UNLIMITED gaming for the same low price of just $21 per person! Don’t forget snacks and drinks, as well as Ice Cold slushies available at our Kiosk, BYO food and drinks also welcome!

 Holiday Entertainment:

Our Schoolies Open Sessions run EVERY weekday of the school holidays from 2pm to 5pm, 3 hours of UNLIMITED gaming for the low price of just $24 per person. Bring the kids in and let them burn off some of that excess energy!! BYO food and drinks welcome, but don’t forget our $10 pizza deals with dominos, as well as our fully stock Kiosk with snacks and drinks available!


At over 20 years old, Zone 3 Laser Tag maintains a cosy “old school” vibe. From its furnishings, to the murals on the walls, every inch of Zone 3 is a charming intermingling of the old and new.

 With mod cons such as flat screens to display game progress, scores and ranks, a members terminal where players can register and receive a members card that can be swiped on any Zone 3 laser tag game pack to record their scores in any game they play at any Zone 3 location, all of which can be accessed online to view personal scores. There is also FREE Xbox available for bookings in between or after games!

 From the friendly staff and excellent customer service to the laid back atmosphere, your entire Zone 3 experience will be one to remember. Our full-size maze may not have interactivity or extreme obstacles, but its simple complexity leaves the challenge of the games to the players, and there is a blast to be had in every game!

 Our most popular games include “Midnight Madness” both team and solo games, where players pack lights are turned off; in the team game, players must try to recognise their own team mates or risk losing points for “friendly fire”, in the solo match it’s a matter of being able to see other players when it’s every gamer for him or herself!

 Also popular is “Infection”. The players enter the maze, and the game selects one player at random to become “infected”, his or her pack will turn green and the rest will be off. Uninfected players cannot shoot, they can only hide, while the infected player tries to infect as many of the others as possible, once infected, the players must continue infecting other players! This game is scored on a) how quickly infected players infect others and b) how long uninfected players stay “healthy”.

 Another favourite with an added twist is “Capture the Flag”, where 2-3 teams must capture the other’s “flag” by shooting their base, and then returning to their “home” base and shooting it to “return” the opposing teams flag. No team can capture or return another teams flag if their own flag is not in their base.

 Just a few examples of the exciting variations of game options here at Zone 3, to experience it for yourself make a booking, or come in for one of our open sessions Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoons. $10 Fridays consists of three hours of unlimited gaming for just $10 per person from 6pm to 9pm. Mega Pass Saturday sessions run from 6pm to 8pm Saturday nights, two hours of unlimited gaming for just $21 per person. Sunday Super Sessions run from 3pm to 5pm, 2 hours of unlimited gaming also for the low price of $21 per person. Schoolies sessions run every weekday of the school holidays from 2pm to 5pm, unlimited gaming for just $24 per person. Don’t forget our $10 pizza deals, any traditional pizza for just $10 from Dominos! We boast a full stocked kiosk of snacks and drinks, BYO food and drinks also welcome.


Did you know that Zone 3 supports live and local music? Hell yes we do!

 Why? Well, we know many talented young Darwinites who dream of an audience, exposure, a chance to entertain or even making their big break.

 Not only is live music awesome to listen to and witness, it brings people together. We love nothing more than live music events on a Friday night to start the weekend – right here at Zone 3. That’s why we don’t charge a cover charge. People can come and enjoy the music for free or enjoy super cheap laser tag @ just $10 per hour!

 If you know any musicians or DJs who would be interested in playing at Zone 3, encourage them to come along to one of our events or contact the friendly staff at [email protected] or call 89811333.


Have you heard the news? Things have really changed at Darwin’s original laser tag venue!

1. We have upgraded to a whole new laser tag system and now use NexusPro laser tag equipment.

What does this mean? We can now accommodate more players at a younger age with vests that are simply light, easy to use and super interactive! Check out our other blog posts for more details on Nexus Pro laser tag equipment. Why play with anything else when we offer the best.

 2. We are now open til 11pm Friday and Saturday and til 7pm Sunday

Darwin asked so we delivered – extended trading hours over the weekend! Perfect for late night bookings and older gamers. We have also extended our open session times on these days, meaning cheaper laser tag for longer!

We have extended $10 Fridays til 11pm and introduced 2-4-1 Saturdays from 9pm-11pm. Make a booking after 9pm on Saturdays for half price entry! See ‘Open Sessions’ under ‘Pricing’ tab for more details.

Want to book out the entire maze for an epic group session? We are now offering 20 for $20! Bring 20 players and not only will you have exclusive use of the maze solely for your group, it will be at a heavily discounted rate of $20pp for 4 x 15 min games.

5. Full BYO permitted

Coming to Zone 3 for a group booking? Feel free to BYO your party food, drinks and accessories. BYO alcohol is permitted but conditions apply – speak to staff at time of booking.

So, as you can see, Zone 3 is continuing to change and improve to offer Darwin players the very best in laser tag and indoor entertainment. We know we are the best laser tag venue in town, why don’t you come and see for yourself. #TheNewZone3Darwin awaits you!

5 Ways


Are your thinking about bringing a group to Zone 3 Darwin and are wondering what benefits you’ll get from your laser tag games? We have large and small groups come through daily and have outlined below the most prominent benefits they found.

1. Improved Teamwork and Communication

Each player must work with their teammates to achieve a high score. If players do not work with their team the overall team score will be negatively impacted. Some games specifically require communication in addition to teamwork, increasing the challenge of the game.

2. Team Development and Camaraderie

Whether it’s getting tagged and having a laugh about it, scoring highly or even poorly, players enjoy a sense of camaraderie while playing laser tag. Each game requires different skills, ensuring different players have a chance to show their strengths each time. Physical strength and brawn aren’t required to succeed in laser tag so all group members can achieve and be helpful to the team.

3. Highlighted Strengths and Weaknesses

Do you consider yourself a leader or a ‘spoke in the wheel?’ Laser tag offers the opportunity to find out how well you work in a team, display sportsmanship, listen to instructions and learn from your experience each time. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses isn’t just important for the spoke, it’s vital for the leader, too.

4. Group Engagement

Each group member is individual and it is hard to engage everyone at once when you get together, however, laser tag’s collaborative (and competitive) nature invigorates even the hardest to reach individuals! Not only do groups experience 100% involvement and participation while at laser tag, they enjoy the ongoing banter and camaraderie that is created from the session.

5. Group Cohesiveness

Sometimes in everyday settings it is hard to see past an individual’s role, rank, status or even faults. At laser tag, all players are the same and every player is important to the team as well as the outcome of the game. Individuals can relax and be at ease amongst people whom they don’t usually associate or work closely (or productively) with. The ‘level playing field’ is a unique opportunity for groups to really come together.

As each group is different, Zone 3 Darwin can accommodate your needs, whether you seek a teamwork development session, celebration, or even Christmas party. Why not book your group in and see these benefits for yourself – you’ve got nothing to lose, except points!

Zone 3 Old Logo


Wondering if this fast paced, high action game is for you? Wonder no longer. Below we outline the benefits of laser tag for individuals or groups.

1. Teamwork and Communication Skill Building

Players can choose from a variety of team games, depending on number and ability level of players. Players need to recognise their teammates and work together to achieve a common goal, such as gaining points, destroying bases or scoring goals. As the teams progress, the games become more challenging so players have to communicate and share their knowledge of the game to benefit their team.

2. Sportsmanship

In every game of laser tag, players tag each other to improve their own score. When a player is tagged, they are deactivated for a few seconds and lose points from their own score. Players are continually practising sportsmanship and turn taking throughout each game. At the end of each game players compare their scores on the scoreboard and of course, there can only be one winner or one winning team. Each game has a different format and allows for different players or teams to improve their score or even win.

3. Camaraderie and Group Development

Whether you scored high or low, your laser tag games create fun memories and stories to share amongst the group or even back at the workplace. Players feel a sense of camaraderie and belonging within their teams as the sport is all-inclusive and favours a variety of skill sets other than physical strength or speed. Players also feel at ease at Zone 3 and comfortable with the group, attributing to a much more personal experience. Groups can BYO food and players aged 18+ can BYO alcohol to turn your laser tag session into the celebration or social outing of the year!

4. Fitness and Endurance

Although laser tag is all-inclusive and low-impact on the body, it is still a high-action game that gets the heart rate up and players moving quickly around the maze to avoid being tagged. Contrary to other team sports, laser tag doesn’t require brawn or strength and therefore provides an opportunity for players with other skill sets to succeed.

Whether you are an individual or a member playing in a group, you are sure to have fun as well as gain these prominent benefits of laser tag. Why not give a game a go and see for yourself?