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Our stance on COVID-19

Our stance on COVID-19

Zone 3 Laser Tag is still here, and we are still open for business!
Freshly renovated, the venue is looking its best it has ever looked!

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has us all on high alert, and we are keeping our eye out on the situation.
Which is why we are now taking more precautions to keep the site clean and enjoyable.

Whilst we already have a pretty stringent cleaning routine, for COVID-19 we are upping the ante.

Here of a list of new polices onsite at Zone 3 Darwin.

  • Increased cleaning and sanitising. This includes cleaning of our laser tag vests & phasors between every group/party. Whilst we clean all tables between each party regardless, this will now extend to high touch areas such as door handles, arcades and bathrooms.
  • No double stacking of groups & a 15-minute buffer between groups. Meaning our private bookings as off Monday 23/03/2020 will not be able to book within 15 minutes of each other.
  • Hand sanitiser being available at the counter for guest use.

We need your support as well, if you are feeling unwell please stay at home and get better. (Laser tags a drag when you’re feeling unwell)
We will be here when you are feeling better!

Now for the other part.

Zone 3 Darwin is a small business, owned and operated by 3 Territorians just like you.

Whilst we will do all we can, we need your support.
We have survived 27 years of the territory, we would like to survive another 27 more.

And it’s not just us.
Local businesses are suffering right now. Shops are closing quicker than toilet paper is running out.
We don’t have a multimillion corporation behind us, or a huge pool of cash. We don’t have that luxury.

So please support local businesses, not just us through the coming months.