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Are your thinking about bringing a group to Zone 3 Darwin and are wondering what benefits you’ll get from your laser tag games? We have large and small groups come through daily and have outlined below the most prominent benefits they found.

1. Improved Teamwork and Communication

Each player must work with their teammates to achieve a high score. If players do not work with their team the overall team score will be negatively impacted. Some games specifically require communication in addition to teamwork, increasing the challenge of the game.

2. Team Development and Camaraderie

Whether it’s getting tagged and having a laugh about it, scoring highly or even poorly, players enjoy a sense of camaraderie while playing laser tag. Each game requires different skills, ensuring different players have a chance to show their strengths each time. Physical strength and brawn aren’t required to succeed in laser tag so all group members can achieve and be helpful to the team.

3. Highlighted Strengths and Weaknesses

Do you consider yourself a leader or a ‘spoke in the wheel?’ Laser tag offers the opportunity to find out how well you work in a team, display sportsmanship, listen to instructions and learn from your experience each time. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses isn’t just important for the spoke, it’s vital for the leader, too.

4. Group Engagement

Each group member is individual and it is hard to engage everyone at once when you get together, however, laser tag’s collaborative (and competitive) nature invigorates even the hardest to reach individuals! Not only do groups experience 100% involvement and participation while at laser tag, they enjoy the ongoing banter and camaraderie that is created from the session.

5. Group Cohesiveness

Sometimes in everyday settings it is hard to see past an individual’s role, rank, status or even faults. At laser tag, all players are the same and every player is important to the team as well as the outcome of the game. Individuals can relax and be at ease amongst people whom they don’t usually associate or work closely (or productively) with. The ‘level playing field’ is a unique opportunity for groups to really come together.

As each group is different, Zone 3 Darwin can accommodate your needs, whether you seek a teamwork development session, celebration, or even Christmas party. Why not book your group in and see these benefits for yourself – you’ve got nothing to lose, except points!