At over 20 years old, Zone 3 Laser Tag maintains a cosy “old school” vibe. From its furnishings, to the murals on the walls, every inch of Zone 3 is a charming intermingling of the old and new.

 With mod cons such as flat screens to display game progress, scores and ranks, a members terminal where players can register and receive a members card that can be swiped on any Zone 3 laser tag game pack to record their scores in any game they play at any Zone 3 location, all of which can be accessed online to view personal scores. There is also FREE Xbox available for bookings in between or after games!

 From the friendly staff and excellent customer service to the laid back atmosphere, your entire Zone 3 experience will be one to remember. Our full-size maze may not have interactivity or extreme obstacles, but its simple complexity leaves the challenge of the games to the players, and there is a blast to be had in every game!

 Our most popular games include “Midnight Madness” both team and solo games, where players pack lights are turned off; in the team game, players must try to recognise their own team mates or risk losing points for “friendly fire”, in the solo match it’s a matter of being able to see other players when it’s every gamer for him or herself!

 Also popular is “Infection”. The players enter the maze, and the game selects one player at random to become “infected”, his or her pack will turn green and the rest will be off. Uninfected players cannot shoot, they can only hide, while the infected player tries to infect as many of the others as possible, once infected, the players must continue infecting other players! This game is scored on a) how quickly infected players infect others and b) how long uninfected players stay “healthy”.

 Another favourite with an added twist is “Capture the Flag”, where 2-3 teams must capture the other’s “flag” by shooting their base, and then returning to their “home” base and shooting it to “return” the opposing teams flag. No team can capture or return another teams flag if their own flag is not in their base.

 Just a few examples of the exciting variations of game options here at Zone 3, to experience it for yourself make a booking, or come in for one of our open sessions Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoons. $10 Fridays consists of three hours of unlimited gaming for just $10 per person from 6pm to 9pm. Mega Pass Saturday sessions run from 6pm to 8pm Saturday nights, two hours of unlimited gaming for just $21 per person. Sunday Super Sessions run from 3pm to 5pm, 2 hours of unlimited gaming also for the low price of $21 per person. Schoolies sessions run every weekday of the school holidays from 2pm to 5pm, unlimited gaming for just $24 per person. Don’t forget our $10 pizza deals, any traditional pizza for just $10 from Dominos! We boast a full stocked kiosk of snacks and drinks, BYO food and drinks also welcome.


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