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Corporate Bookings

Teamwork is vital for a productive, successful and effective workplace, but is an attribute doesn’t always come so naturally in a workplace setting among colleagues with different backgrounds, beliefs and characteristics. Laser tag is a great way to develop a stronger team dynamic by challenging players and improve three core group skills: Teamwork, sportsmanship and communication… But it’s also FUN  and competitive and hey, gives you an opportunity to “shoot” your boss, and after a long week at the office what better way to unwind and have some laughs with your co-workers than a few rounds of laser tag!

Work/Office Christmas Party

Unlike many other popular venues around Darwin, Zone 3 is a laid back and friendly atmosphere- perfect to relax and unwind after having a ball playing laser tag! Make a group booking and have our booth or party room reserved for your group. Enjoy a few games from our variety of team and solo games available, and then relax with refreshments available at our kiosk or bring-your-own welcome!

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids love Zone 3 for their birthday parties, and what better way to burn off some of that youthful energy than a game of laser tag! Make a group booking for your child and their friends and have our party booth or room reserved at no extra charge. Cool the kids off with one of our Ice Cold slushies, small sizes are only $2, large for $4!